Everything OK

Just a quick note before I leave the rally venue. I had a good ride, almost a perfect one. Due to a transcription error, I lost many points at the scoring table. So instead finishing 4th, I ended 6th. I had a good performance, but my planned route was not top of the pops.
John Young (my co-commenter during the IBR last year) won the rally with a cracking performance. Congratulations, old chap!!
Later more…some more rain is waiting for me before I get to the Eurotunnel….


Before the storm – impatiently waiting for the Brit Butt Rally 2014 to start

Dear followers,

I have arrived with the ferry in Hull this morning, accompanied by my old motorcycle chap Jo. We had a full English breakfast in Hull and decided to ride directly to the Rally HQ in Castleford, as the weather was not too good. We were very lucky to have our rooms at 11 a.m. And we could start our preparations very early. At 2 a.m., the check in opened, followed by the technical inspection and the odo check ride to determine the odometer calibration factors. The four German riders rode together, accompanied by rain showers.
A fuel refill, stocking up of food supplies and last preparations and there’s still time until the dinner and the subsequent riders meeting where we will be handed out the rally books and when the bonus point locations will be revealed.
I will try to use the spare time for a little nap; the night will be short with the route planning and the adrenalin kicking in….Tomorrow at 6:00 GMT we take off.
As announced in my previous post, you can follow me via my GPS tracker.

Leaving for the Brit Butt Rally 2014

Dear all,

when you read this, I’ll be on the ferry to Hull and on my way to Castleford where the rally starts on Saturday morning. More information will follow tomorrow.

You can check my spot tracker under

https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=9c5053792ebf0016f (only rally data from Sat 0600 GMT until Sun 1700 GMT)

https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=7a6f521748fad9ef4 (the whole weekend)