Family picture

The other day, I cleaned the shed and finally could access my collector’s item…my 1986 XBR in new condition. Well, I saw I had to take care a bit of the chrome parts, so I polished them. I took the opportunity to gather all the XBRs for a family picture 🙂


The XBR family. In the front: Black Beauty (2.000 km), the red newcomer (7.000 km), the grey café racer (37.000 km) and the ‚Tourenschlampe‘ (touring bitch, 360.000 km). Humbled by so much beauty and trustworthiness, the BMW (91.000 km) stands bashfully aside.

I noted that there is a lot of maintenance due, that’s the problem when the family gets larger and larger. I ordered and have received a lot of spare parts, a lot of work ahead 🙂




4th place in the Scandinavian rally

Before I leave for the ferry, here is the result. My planned route was good for 2nd place, but due to my lost points i finished 4 th.

winner is German IBA president Gerhard Memmen- Krueger with an epic ride! Congratulations!!!





Back at the rally HQ

After a dry and chilly ride to Germany (!) and Denmark, I have returned to the rally base in Örebro. The ride went according to plan, I just lost some points at the scoring table, but that’s ok because I shouldn’t have claimed them in the first place.
Now there is still some time until the ceremony, maybe I can find a quiet place for a little nap….
Swedish country is great, but I had rather little of it. With 1955 km I stayed just under the limit of 2000 km, constantly checking the predicted KMs during the rally.
Update: I was called again to the rallymaster and lost another enormous 2000 points as I was not included on two pictures where this was asked. That is correct, but it is good practice to accept the scoring result from both sides when the rider leaves the scoring room. Changing results after the scoring due to whatever reason (exception: cheating or misconduct) is not good style.
Ok, so I lost 9 % of my points, this won’t be a good result then…

„I have a cunning plan, Mylord!“

OK, everything is ready and prepared. The route is fixed and this time I go for a bold move. There is a maximum limit of 2000 km for the rally, but I will be close to that (hopefully). Unfortunately, the route will not be very scenic, but if my plan works out, a massive number of points wait for me. If…if…if….let’s hope for the best, keep fingers crossed. 😉

Tomorrow at 7:30 we start from Örebro.The spot track link is given below. I’m back on Sunday 7:30. Now let’s get some sleep!

On a ferry cruise to Göteborg

So here I sit on board of the ferry boat to Sweden, watching the Baltic Sea.
I just have finished the Smørgåsbord (Swedish buffet). Today was I sunny and quiet day. I went from Belgium to Kiel in a very relax manner, trying to get used to the Scandinavian speed limits….In the harbour, I received an unexpected visit from a XBR500 (I recognised the sound immediately)! It was Style Kyle, a follower of this blog, who saluted me and invited me for a beer. Thanks, mate! I had to wait 90 minutes to be able to board the ship (!&@?€¥%#!!!!!). Now I struggle with the slow, but free internet on board. Just before entering the ship, I noticed that I lost one screw of the aux tank plate. So my first in Sweden will at a DIY shop….the weather forecast looks brilliant for the rally!

Leaving for the Scandinavian Rally 2014

Tomorrow morning I will leave for Sweden to participate in the Scandinavian Rally.image It is the first time for me to do a rally in Sweden and it’s the first time in 21 years to visit Sweden. I haven’t been there since I went to the Nordkapp. I will take a comfy ferry tomorrow evening from Kiel to Göteborg and will arrive in Örebro on Friday. The 24 hour rally will start on Saturday morning and I am looking forward to ride through the beautiful Swedish countryside! You can follow my spot tracks: The rally The usual track including the trip to Sweden