Brit Butt Light Rally 2014 won!

Hi folks,

just a few lines from the house of John Young who has me as a guest.

We’re back safe from the rally and I still can’t believe it – I have won my first rally on British soil! 🙂

Well, second place (Giel Kerkhof) and third place (John Young) were very close, in a wink of an eye. But thanks to a very, very, very bold move in the last minutes of the rally, I scored only a handful of points more. I gambled also with the petrol – after the finish, the XBR stopped without fuel after 1 mile!! John had to play the rescue team getting petrol for me.

We were washed today, masses of water came down from the sky! I crossed London in the afternoon twice – the traffic was nightmare! But I had chosen the right bike for that task! I felt like a fish in the water and swam through congested London, where no other bike could follow me.

Probably I was overcompensated today for a lot of bad luck in the last years. The XBR definitely has passed the test and is ready for the Alpentour 😉

This asks for a good report….



7 Gedanken zu „Brit Butt Light Rally 2014 won!

  1. Congratulations, Robert!
    Winning the „light“-version of the Britt-butt-rally surely is hard work though…
    Nice to hear, that the „new“ XBR has passed the test for the „20th-anniversary-Alpentour“… 🙂
    CU in Villach, Austria

  2. Na, geht ja! Scheinbar war endlich einmal das notwendige Quaentchen Glueck auf deiner Seite. Aber wie heisst’s so schoen: Audaces fortuna adiuvat!

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