The last XBR-Alpentour is over

Die letzte XBR-Alpentour ist Geschichte. Bis zu 11 Mitfahrer, 8 XBRs, 3700 km feinster Alpenstrecken. Alle Teilnehmer sind wieder heil und zufrieden zurückgekehrt. Eine unvergessliche Tour. Die Aufarbeitung der 50 Stunden an Videos wird Monate brauchen, aber hier ist ein schnell zusammengeschustertes Video, das einen kleinen Vorgeschmack bietet.

The last XBR-Alps Tour is history. Up to 11 participants, 8 XBRs, 3700 km of the finest alpine routes. All participants have returned home safely and satisfied. An unforgettable tour. The processing of the 50 hours of videos will take months, but here’s a quick cobbled together video that gives a little foretaste.


5 days of Alpentour – 4 to go!

Hi folks,

again only very little time. We have done out first 5 days of the Alpentour and we had partially some wet moment, especially yesterday. But we also had a good time. Lots of good roads and so many bends! I recorded so many videos that will take me the whole winter to extract something condensed out of them. But here is some quick example how this could look like:

Pure fun! It looks like the weather will improve the next days. Today we had gorgeous weather in Switzerland. Beautiful scenery. We had no technical troubles so far. Yesterday we had to change the route considerably as there was some heavy thunderstorm across the Italian Prealps. But in the end, I found some acceptable substitute roads.Tomorrow we head to the West. The Spot tracker does not reveal all the small roads we are riding :-).