Scandinavian Rally 2016 won!

Back home now, after a relaxed 1500 km ride…

It was a nice rally through the South of Sweden, my planning on quick roads made it a fast one as I could use a lot of motorways. But also a lot of back roads. Closed roads. Gravel roads. Winding roads. Roads with rabbits. Roads with hares. Roads with moose (!). I had developed a good plan and just needed to execute it. This worked quite well, but many locations required me in the picture as well…I missed in three of them but managed to re-do two of them. However, I had lost a big point and I knew this could be decisive in the end…I performed my plan in an very efficient manner and at one point I was almost two hours (!) ahead of my plan. This allowed me to extend my plan with two smaller locations that in the end made all the difference (again!). Petri Myntti came third and Daniel Duvskog, – who missed his chance by overlooking a second location close to another one – came second. Phew! Another close shave! Another rally won. A good weekend :-).


Ready for the Scandinavian Rally 2016

After two years, I have decided to run the Scandinavian Rally again. Start and finish is in Södertälje near Stockholm. Everything is prepared, the locations are loaded on the computer and in 30 min we’ll get the rally books in the rider’s meeting. Only then we’ll know the point values of the 102 (!!) bonus point locations. They are located mostly in south Sweden. It looks like this will be a „squirrel“ rally, i.e. jumping from bonus point to the next nearby bonus point and trying to collect as many as possible. Mostly on back roads. Sounds like fun.

If you want to follow my SPOT, here’s the link:

Bonus point location of the Scandinavian Rally 2016

Bonus point location of the Scandinavian Rally 2016