First place in the European Tour 2016 rally

That’s it. I knew it could be a very good result when I realized that nobody had went to Ireland as well. Apart from the problems at the Eurotunnel and the „breakdown“ just before the finish, the ride went very smooth. I think it was an excellent training for the „big dance“ next year, the mother of all LD rallies, the Ironbutt Rally in the US. I think I found the right balance between riding and resting, I never was really tired and always felt I was under control (after from the panicking moments mentioned above).

So the ceremony came….

3rd place Dave Winter

2nd place Daniel Duvskog

1st place Robert Koeber

The podium finishers of the ET2016.

The podium finishers of the ET2016.

A very nice result and congratulations to Daniel and Dave!


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